Brian C. Prest


Economist, Resources for the Future

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
In the News




  1. “The Unconventional Oil Supply Boom: Aggregate Price Response from Microdata” with Richard Newell (2019). The Energy Journal (40, no. 3) May 2019.

  2. “Trophy Hunting vs. Manufacturing Energy: The Price-Responsiveness of Shale Gas”, with Richard Newell & Ashley Vissing (2019). Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (6, no. 2) March 2019: 177-217.

  3. “Explanations for the 2014 Oil Price Decline: Supply or Demand?” (2018). Energy Economics (74) August 2018: 63-75.

Work in Progress

  1. “How Clean is ‘Refined Coal’? An Empirical Assessment of a Billion Dollar Tax Credit”, with Alan Krupnick, (in progress)

  2. “A Discounting Rule for the Social Cost of Carbon”, with Richard Newell and Billy Pizer, (in progress)

  3. “Peaking Interest: How awareness drives the effectiveness of time-of-use electricity pricing”, (revisions requested and resubmitted)

  4. “Prices versus Quantities with Policy Updating”, with Billy Pizer (revisions requested)

  5. “The GDP-Temperature Relationship: Implications for Climate Change Damages”, with Richard Newell & Steven Sexton (under review)

  6. “Informing SPR Policy Through Oil Futures and Inventory Dynamics”, with Richard Newell (in progress). Working version.